Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Morning update

Sunday afternoon, my dad came out and we put halter on 3 of the boys for the first time.  They did NOT like that at all!!  the white boy, Zulu, seems like the leader of the pack so far, so we put the halter on him first.  I didn't get any pictures, since I was helping, but soon, I will try to get pictures of them with their halters on.
Both of the black boys got to try out the halters too.
all of them jumped and did flips the first few minutes, but gradually settled down and we were able to rub them all over, and just fool with them a little bit.

My  niece came to see them, and of course she fell in love at first sight!

This morning, Levi got to meet the boys for the first time, and all went well.  Unfortunately, I wasn't smart enough to take my phone to the barn this morning to get pictures....


  1. Look how skinny they are!!! I just love them!

  2. Ashley, they look so pretty!! Did you name them, who is the Harry Potter fan?

    ((((big hugs))))

  3. Trish, my niece Caroline came up with Sirius Black! the other black one is named Purvis, the 2 fawns don't have names yet...